To whom it may concern:

I can wholly recommend Sureclave for the validation and repair of bench top sterilizers and washer/disinfectors.

They are a thoroughly competent and professional team.

They have carried out this type of work for me on behalf of the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust for over 2 years.

Part of the work is liaising with the different properties and organising the visits across the Trust and County (from Tenbury through Redditch and Bromsgrove, Evesham, Worcester and Malvern). This included (up until 1st April 2016) three prisons, which relieved me of a lot of admin work. This liaison work also covers the organisation of the Annual Pressure tests with the Surveyor.

The report back from the AE (Decontamination) has also been very positive and assisted in sorting out a few problems existing from the period before Sureclave took over the work.




D Carter

Estates Officer

Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.